The Adventures of the Sleepy Feet: Pico de Loro (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1

The Parrot’s Peak

Aside from the stinky bugs and other touchy insects up there, everything else is like a dream. Sometimes there’s zero visibility because we’re covered with clouds! It’s my first time to actually touch clouds, er, be inside a cloud, er, be covered with clouds, er, whatever. When I was young (and until I grow up, hehe), I always thought clouds are fluffy but sadly it’s not. It’s gas, nothing more, nothing less. But the sole idea of being in the clouds is legendary! If the view from the campsite is breathtaking, the view from the peak is awesomely breathtaking. You can see everything down there (not the other ‘down there’ but actually down the mountains, oops :p) and there you’ll appreciate how wonderful our Creator is. In a normal day and in a normal place, say the street across your house, you can’t see what lies beyond that street in a normal vision. But God created such a place where we can see everything everywhere in a 360 angle where the word ‘beyond’ is no longer appropriate. Because what we see on top is already ‘beyond’ everything else. Everything you see is a miracle.

Wow clouds :))

We stayed there for quite some time; savored every minute because getting there is no joke. There is even another peak but I didn’t manage to climb it further because I’m scared to death, but Turtley did. Well, he’s been there a lot of times so it’s pretty much expected. And he’s good at what he’s doing. It only took him 5 minutes or so to get there.

Turtley, the orange sticker 🙂

At around 1 or 2 (I really don’t know, sorry, haha), it was time to go home, so we started trailing down. If going up is no joke, for me, going down is a hell worse than that. To most people, going down is a lot easier because less effort is exerted though more force control on the feet and legs is required. I don’t know but I really had a hard time going down the slope. Seeing everything below is a big factor for me, knowing that at a wrong step you might fall down and there’s nothing to hold on to. Well, I actually needed a hand to hold on to while going down (that sounded mushy, so girly pa-cutesy), a helping hand I mean. Thank God there is one (thanks Tope! You’re the man!).

Tope, you’re the man!

It poured when we’re halfway down. It’s no big deal for me. In fact, I loved it. There is something in the rain that is so calming. Maybe the sound perhaps, the chill of the water, or the shivering sensation. I love the rain by the way. For quite some time, I haven’t experienced getting soaked in the rain until now. My last time I guess is when I was in high school and I can’t even remember it. But the rain always got a way with me. I feel it.

Before finishing our trek, we visited the waterfalls. We’re lucky it’s pouring and the falls is alive (because there are times that there is no water in the falls). I think it’s my first time to see a falls (how cute is that huh). God, the water is cold. You can feel that it’s fresh, young and straight from the heart of the mountain. We really are so lucky.

The falls

The journey had been a long one and it’s worth all the mud, the slips and the body pains. All throughout, we laughed a lot and talked about anything that pops out of our mind. I enjoyed their company, my hiking bodies. I never knew we’re going to have so much fun. Being one with nature for once in a while is a great activity because it is healthy for the mind and the soul. Understanding nature is one way of understanding ones’ self because we are all made by the same hands. I am now saddened by the fact that there are people who don’t give a shit about the environment – those people who kill wildlife, destroy the natural habitat, cut down trees and quarry until the ground swallows itself. And it would be heartbreaking that someday, when I got back there, there is nothing to see and the magic I once knew is now a curse, a curse that man casts to himself.

I’ll be back for sure

Yours Truly,

Doys F.



  1. Thanks for liking everyone! :))

  2. Looks like an amazing place!

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